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Blue-Torch Alcohol Stove

Blue-Torch Alcohol Stove - lightweight, extremely durable stove.

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Blue-Torch Alcohol Stove - if you are looking for a lightweight, extremely durable stove or if you want to build your own kit from. This is it. A complete Blue-Torch Stove Kit is also available.

The Blue-Torch is the big brother of the Blue-Mini.

This stove is a real power house. It was designed to work with larger pots like the Evernew 1.3L, the Evernew 900 ml or other similar sized pots. Comes with stove and reflector/primer pan - serves for reflecting heat back to the base of the stove helping with performance especially during cooler temperatures.


  • Very durable. This stove is built like a tank

  • Semi-pressurized as the bottom of the pot seals the top edge of the stove

  • Needs no pot stand as the pot sits right on top of the stove

  • This stove is very efficient and will boil almost 500 ml of water in approx. 5 min using only 22 ml fuel

  • Handmade


  • Stove Weight: 0.84 oz (24 g)

  • Height: 5,4 cm

  • Diameter: 5,4 cm

  • Fuel Capacity: 60 ml

  • Total Burn Time: 13 min


Warning: These stoves run on alcohol only! Do not under any circumstances use gasoline, white gas or any other petroleum based fuels as this could cause an explosion!

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