About a year ago CleverHiker.com published a high-definition video series on Lightweight & Ultralight Backpacking Foundations. This video series did cost a small amount and was usefull for backpackers of all levels.

Now Dave Collins, the main guy behind CleverHiker has decided to offer the series, as a completely free resource that will provide a much greater benefit to the entire backpacking community. He’s stopped selling Lightweight Backpacking Foundations and his Gear Guide. Instead, he is going to release all that information publicly on his website and youtube channel. 

His website has new look and new free content now. So, if you are interested, check out his website and stay tuned for releasing episodes over the next few weeks and enjoy them.

About video series:

The world’s first professional instructional high-definition video series on ultralight backpacking. These video series help hikers of every skill level feel prepared to meet any obstacle. Video series has been designed to help backpackers reduce the weight on their backs and increase their enjoyment on the trail. Series are built to be the ideal resource for anyone interested in learning how thru-hikers and long distance backpackers are able to pack so light. You don’t have to be a thru-hiker to enjoy lightweight backpacking though. Carrying less weight is more enjoyable on every backcountry trip!


Watching CleverHiker video series, you obtain:

--> Master skills to take on your next lightweight hiking trip with confidence and know-how.

--> Learn to pick the gear that best suits your style: from the lightest tents to the warmest shells.

--> Enjoy high-definition video shot on location at America's greatest wilderness areas   


Lightweight backpacking reduces stress on your body, gives you more free time on the trail, and allows you to travel farther with less effort. It’s just as safe as traditional backpacking, much more comfortable, and far more enjoyable.

Lightweight & Ultralight Foundations video series is perfect for backpackers of all levels – from experienced hikers planning thru-hikes to first-timers looking to avoid blisters and backaches. Video series provide step-by-step instructions on how to pack light. Once you transition to lightweight backpacking, you’ll never look back.

eBook analyze the best ultralight gear on the market and give specific recommendations from pros with years of ultralight experience. This combo pack integrates Gear Recommendations eBook with Lightweight & Ultralight Backpacking Foundations video series. These two resources were designed to work seamlessly together to help you to become an ultralight expert in no time.