TLG Cuben Fiber Lantern

TLG Cuben Fiber Lantern

Tread Lite Gear Ultralight Cuben Fiber Led Camping Lantern

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TLG Cuben Fiber Lantern

The lightest lantern in the world. A great way to give light in your shelter.  Use them on a hammock ridgeline, inside a tent or under a tarp. Gives a really good light for reading and admin tasks at night. Made from 0.3oz Cuben Fibre with a Dyneema X Grid base and finished with Dyneema cord, micro cord lock, internal aluminum reflector and a mitten hook for hanging anywhere. 

Light is dual use so you can have it on permanently with the switch or press the sides for short bursts of light. Short burst mode is handy for in the night if you need to reach something. Takes 2x cr2016 which are user replaceable. Batteries included. Please undo the cord lock and remove the light unit to turn on as using the switch through the Cuben will degrade it over time. Top tip - once you tighten the cord again put the lantern to your lips and puff gently to give the best shape.

Cuben Fiber & Dyneema X Grid
Size: 8 x 3,5 cm2
Weight: 8,8g

Hand crafted in Great Britain