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What are the Differences between Flat Tarps and Shaped Tarps ? 



Flat tarps  Shaped tarps
square or rectangular shapeare not square or rectangular in shape in comparison to flat tarps
flat edges, and 90 degree angles in the cornershave curved ridge line or curved side edges
simple designmany different models and shapes
less expensive than shaped tarpsare more expensive than flat tarps
multipurpose usage and versatility - possible to set up in a wide variety of shapes depending on weather conditions and terrainare not as versatile as flat tarps - can be pitched in a relatively small variety of configurations
in high winds can also be pitched very low to the ground it’s not possible to pitch them as low as a flat tarp in high winds
so many ways to set them up require a little practiceare easier for beginners to set up
depending on their pitch usally provide more usable shelter space than a comparably sized shaped tarpusable space they provide is usually reduced by using catenary curves
use more fabric therefore are a little bit heavier than shaped tarpshas less fabric because of cut using catenary curves and therefore are lighter

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