Cumulus Comforter M350

Cumulus Comforter M350

Cumulus Comforter M350


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Cumulus Comforter M350

How is it possible to sleep comfortably in summer, when you camp one night in a warm valley, and then move to a high altitude cold bivouac the day after? How can you convert a part of your sleeping system into a survival tool for serious winter conditions? Answer: use a comforter!

The M350 is the lightest one of our "Ultralight Modular Line" series, created in partnership with the French journalist Antoine Sachs. The modular comforters he developed have been adopted by hundreds of enthusiast ultralight hikers.

Weighing only 560 g, made of a 27g/m² Pertex Quantum shell and including 350 g of our best 850 cuin goose down, the M350 is a kind of Swiss army knife in terms of insulation. It’s down filling ratio is optimized for the quilt mode. It has a wide amplitude of use, from 25°C to -4°C (extreme).

Some integrated elastics allow to create a footbox on one side and a neck collar on the other, some loops being used to create a tube. The result is a quilt, a hoodless sleeping bag, not insulated in the back. With this M350, when it gets cold, it is useful to shake the quilt in a U position before sleeping, in order to put more down on the top. Comfort use in quilt mode is around 2°C. Of course you can reach even lower temperatures, depending on the clothes you wear while asleep.

Rectangular shape is a deliberate choice: it creates, in case of an emergency , an armour-like insulation layer (torso, arms and head) when used under a wide jacket. In static use, this "jacket mode" allows you to deal with a -10°C standby. The perfect backup for quick but careful climbers.

It is also possible to use it inside of a classic sleeping bag to make it winterproof, and under a hammock... and of course , as a comforter at home: expect serious heating savings!


  • Total weight: 550 g

  • Down weight: 350 g

  • Weight of unfilled sleeping bag: 200 g



  • Fabric: Pertex Quantum, 27 g/m²

  • Filling: Polish goose down, 850 cuin

  • Construction: “H” chambers

  • Can be used as: comforter, quilt, additional insulation inside a regular sleeping bag, down insulation inside a wider jacket, insulation under a hammock

  • Elastics can create a collar and a footbox

  • Loops allowing to close the comforter or to attach it to a mattress

  • Possibility of moving the filling to achieve the most wanted down distribution for a current use

  • Radically more efficient use of down, compared to a conventional sleeping bag

  • Additional, large mesh bag to store your comforter at home

Temperature characteristic:

  • Comfort temperature: 2 ˚C

  • Limit temperature: -4 ˚C


  • Maximum user height: 180 cm

  • Length: 177 cm

  • Dimensions: 210 cm x 120 cm

  • Stuffsack’s dimensions (height/diameter): 22/16 cm

  • Stuffsack’s volume: 4,4 l

  • Number of down chambers: 12

Warranty: 10 years

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