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We only stuff down obtained from Polish geese with respect for animal rights and European Union law regulations. Each down consignment is given a quality certificate verifying it’s highest clarity standard and fulfills the requirements of OKO-TEX STANDARD 100, class 1.

No other insulator exists that is as effective as Polish white goose down. Down is remarkably resilient and has the ability to return to its natural state. No matter how down is twisted or compressed it can return to its original form. Obviously, if a material does not spring back to its original volume, it loses a considerable portion of its insulating power. Moreover, down products are more than twice lighter than their synthetic counterparts, taking less than quarter of their volume. With the current trend to packdown small, natural down becomes the only rational way to significantly reduce weight, and maintain insulating warmth.
Heat and moisture of the human body help activate the structural memory of down. This memory allows down to return to its three-dimensional shape which is needed for the down to be able to capture warm air. Capturing air gives down the ability to insulate.

Down is washed, dried at 140০C and dedusted several times before stuffing. Sterile and biologically inert, placed between layers of fabric that form a barrier against dust mites, becomes indifferent to allergy sufferers.


Fill power is the most frequently used measure of down quality. It involves measurements taken of a one ounce sample of down in a standardized testing cylinder with a weighted piston compressing the down. The volume occupied by this partially compressed down is the fill power measurement. The test requires controlled temperature, humidity, and preparation of the sample. All other things being equal a sleeping bag made with high fill power is lighter and more compressible than an equally warm one made with lower quality down. Fill power is expressed as cubic inches per ounce - a lofting power of 750+ [cu.in.] is considered excellent.

PAJAK uses in their products 3 kinds of fill power:

+900 DIAMOND; +750 PLATINUM; +700


Only 1,5g of this down has more than 1l fill volume. + 900 DIAMOND is the worlds finest quality goose down, it guarantiees 900 cuin* fill power rating and exellent weight an insulating warmth ratio.


Only 2g of this down has more than 1l fill volume. PLATINUM 750 + down guarantees 750 cuin fill power rating, longevity and impressive insulating warmth.

Down fill power is rated according to the number of cubic inches one ounce of down will occupy. For example, if one ounce of down takes up a volume of 750 cubic inches, it is given a 750 fill power rating


Each down consignment contains a certain quantity of tiny feathers. Down content described by 95/5 means that it contains 95% of down clusters and 5% of tiny feathers.




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