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KATABATIC GEAR Sawatch 15°F / -9°C

3-season quilt | -9°C  | 700 g Regular

900 FP HyperDRY™ water-resistant down

NEW Updated model 2022!
 Updates include a slightly roomier fit and an internal pocket to keep your phone, water filter etc. warm overnight.

Katabatic Swatch award

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KATABATIC GEAR Sawatch 15°F / -9°C - is a backpacking quilt which is ideal as a three-season quilt for cold sleepers, or a winter bag in milder climates. It packs some serious warmth in an incredibly light package.

All Katabatic quilts feature shaped foot box, down filled collar and their patented Cord Clip attachment system, which is the the best design on the market for preventing drafts. They are just a few of the features that separate them from the competition. The beauty of this design is its simplicity.

"With the sensual fabric feel (yeah, I went there) and the Cord Clip system stabilization, I can hit the sack naked, tossing and turning all night, and the quilt will remain in place, untangled, comfortably caressing my sleeping self."

Read more in review on backpackers.com

Like most quilt style bags Katabatic removed the fabric and insulation from the bottom increasing its versatility. It can act as a blanket on a warm night or it can be snugged down and enclose your body like a mummy to block out drafts. Unique attachment system keeps your sleeping bag on top of your pad where it belongs.
The cord clips allow for maximum versatility and temperature control. Elastic binding around the bottom opening prevents gaps and drafts at the sleeping pad. Katabatic also include effective webbing strap closures for those of you going without a sleeping pad (watch attachment system video for more details).

Elite sleeping bags feature a substantial differential cut with the shell fabric cut wider than the liner.

The horizontal baffles are continuous from one side of the bag to the other. The goose down won't migrate tossing and turning but still allows you to redistribute the down with your hands for various conditions. The overstuffed down collar is like a built-in scarf so you'll have a cozy draft seal instead of an awkward drawstring at the neck. Trapezoidal foot box fits great no matter what position you were lying in while the overstuffed baffles provide the extra warmth.

Katabatic used the best raw materials Pertex Quantum line fabrics for increased strength and water resistance with industry leading DWR Premium goose down provides the most effective warmth to weight ratio which is ethically sourced and RDS certified. 
The RDS ensures that down and feathers come from ducks and geese that have been treated humanely. This means enabling them to live healthy lives, express innate behaviors, and not suffer from pain, fear, or distress.

700 g Regular


Pertex Quantum Y Fuse ECO Ripstop - outer shell fabric, 0.85oz/yd
The best fabric you’ll find for the shell of an ultralight sleeping bag.

  • Keeps your insulation drier: Best DWR we’ve tested
  • Keeps your insulation loftier: Lightweight, soft, breathable, and downproof
  • Keeps your quilt out of the landfill: Pertex Y Fuse technology extends the longevity of this already durable UL fabric, and also improves its highly downproof and water beading properties
  • Reduces demand for raw materials: Eco version of Pertex Quantum is made from recycled yarns and maintains the fabric’s advanced performance qualities
Pertex Quantum Taffeta DWR - silky soft liner fabric on the inside, 1.0oz/yd
The softest fabric you’ll find for the liner of an ultralight sleeping bag. This Pertex Quantum plain weave makes for a silky soft liner fabric on the inside of our quilts. We get tons of customer feedback stating that it’s the most comfortable sleeping bag fabric to ever brush up against them – not as clammy or crinkly as other fabrics.

Pertex Quantum

900 Fill Power Premium Goose Down
produced in the U.S. (Allied Feather and Down) with HyperDRY™ water-resistant treatment to make it hydrophobic.

This down has been treated to provide additional resistance to unwanted moisture. In conjunction with highly water-resistant shell materials, HyperDRY™ provides extra peace of mind, and dries faster than untreated down if it does get wet. Is this a miracle water-proofing that will allow you to sleep out in the rain or dunk your bag in water with wild abandon? No. Will it give you extra protection and help maintain loft in damp conditions? Absolutely! HyperDRY™ water-resistant down is bluesign® approved, so you can rest assured that it is safe for the environment and human health. 

down logos


  • Patented Pad Attachment System – Widely considered the best design on the market for preventing drafts. Offers unmatched versatility, comfort and efficiency in a quilt style sleeping bag. 
  • Can Be Used Without a Sleeping Pad – Comes with removable webbing straps to be used without attaching to a sleeping pad. 
  • Elastic Binding Around Bottom Opening – Elastic binding around the bottom opening prevents gaps and drafts at the sleeping pad.
  • Differential Cut – A critical factor in quilt style bags with adjustable girth, differential cut allows for maximum loft from our premium goose down.
  • Continuous Baffles – With continuous baffles the down can be easily moved around in the bag as temperatures dictate for maximum versatility.
  • Down Filled Collar – Our overstuffed collar fits comfortably against your neck to seal this critical area from drafts.
  • Trapezoidal Foot Box – We have shaped our foot box for the greatest comfort, warmth and efficiency.
  • Overstuffed Baffles over the Foot Section – Provides extra insulation over your feet to ensure toasty toes.
  • Designed, filled, finished and stringently inspected in Colorado.



Silnylon Stuff Sack
Storage Bag - 100% recycled, breathable fabric
2mm Cords for attaching to your pad
Webbing straps

made in usa

Data sheet
Weight700 g
Warranty2 years
Made inUSA

Quilt Style Sleeping Bag

The idea behind a quilt style sleeping bag is to eliminate the insulation that is on the bottom of a conventional sleeping bag. With a conventional sleeping bag, any insulation under your body is crushed. Since insulation must have loft and trap air to be effective, the crushed insulation under your body is wasted. So why not leave the insulation out of the bottom of the bag?
Katabatic Quilt Style Sleeping Bag
That is what a quilt style sleeping bag does, but it goes one step further. By eliminating the zipper, and leaving the bottom of the bag open, versatility is significantly increased. The sleeping bag can act as a simple blanket, laid over you on a warm night; or a mummy, closed up snugly against the cold; or anything in between.

With the Sawatch 15 quilt style sleeping bag you make the most of your sleeping pad, both for comfort, as well as for insulation. And with our unique attachment system, your sleeping bag stays on top of your pad, where it belongs. Other quilt style sleeping bags attach under your sleeping pad, causing inefficient draft tunnels, or attach around your body, restricting your movement while you sleep.

Attachment System

The backbone of our quilt style sleeping bags is our patented Cord Clip attachment system. The beauty of this design is its simplicity. All our bags feature our Cord Clips, and come with 2mm cord for attaching the sleeping bag to the pad. Simply tie the cords around the pad, and attach your bag! Got a Backpacking Light® Torsolight™ pad? Therm-A-Rest® NeoAir™? No problem! This system works easily with any sleeping pad.

Katabatic attachment system

Our Cord Clips feature two attachment points for maximum versatility. The first attachment position allows the clip to slide freely on the cord. For warm weather this gives you the most freedom of movement. As the temperature drops, clipping into the second position allows you to lock the bag in place on the cord. In this position you can control the girth of the bag, and are able to set the bag to overlap your pad to lock out drafts. Even with the Cord Clip in this position, adjustment along the cord is easily accomplished by lifting the Cord Clip vertically. With the Cord Clip held vertically it slides easily along the cord. Returning the clip to its horizontal position locks the Cord Clip in place along the cord. This allows you to adjust the interior volume of the sleeping bag, as well as adjust the bags position on top of the sleeping pad. Secondary clips help seal out drafts when the temperature really drops.

This unique design offers significant advantages. The ability to attach your sleeping bag to the top of the pad, as well as the ability to easily adjust the girth/volume of the bag, allows you to optimize the position of the bag depending on your sleep position, and the level of warmth you need from your bag. In warm weather you have much more room than you are used to in a mummy bag. In cold weather just close the bag in around you for maximum warmth.

Katabatic Gear quilt

Katabatic Gear’s Quilts: Attach on top of your sleeping pad for maximum warmth

Other quilt style sleeping bags strap under a sleeping pad instead of on top of the pad as our system does. This leaves a large draft tunnel inside the bag, particularly if you are a side sleeper. Your precious body heat is spent trying to warm this draft tunnel, which leaves less body heat for you. This design can also cause compressed insulation at your shoulder and hip. All this conspires to leave you cold.

Katabatic other quilts

Other Quilts: Attach under your sleeping pad, causing inefficient draft tunnels and loft compression

Katabatic have engineered Cord Clips to be strong and durable, while being thin and unobtrusive. Even if you have your sleeping bag pulled in under your body, our Cord Clips are designed to lie flat and to be unnoticeable.
Our Cord Clip system is fast, simple and easy to use. Tie the cords around your pad before you leave home. Then just lay out your pad, clip your bag on to it, adjust as needed, and sleep!

Differential Cut

Our sleeping bags feature a substantial differential cut, which is highly beneficial in a quilt style sleeping bag that has adjustable girth. The shell fabric is cut wider than the liner fabric, making the circumference of the shell larger than that of the liner. This means that when you start to draw the bag in more tightly, you will not crush the insulation. It is important to remember that even with a large differential cut, if you pull the bag too tightly around yourself, you can start to crush the insulation and lose loft and warmth.

Continuous Baffles

The baffles in our sleeping bags are continuous from one side of the bag to the other. In the lower leg and foot area they are continuous all the way around the bag. This allows down to be moved to the top or the bottom of the bag as necessary. On warm nights, you can move the down to the bottom, giving yourself less insulation. On cold nights, move more down to the top of the bag for more warmth. This works particularly well with quilt style sleeping bags, where the same part of the bag is always on top, no matter how you lie inside the bag.

Down Collar

Our sleeping bags feature an overstuffed down collar around the neck opening. This is a critical area to seal the warmth inside your sleeping bag. Our collar fits comfortably against your neck, and keeps the warm air where it belongs: inside your sleeping bag.

Katabatic Quilt style sleeping bag collar
Trapezoidal Foot Box

Optimized for when you need the most room down there, lying on your back, our trapezoidal foot box fits great no matter what position you are lying in. Giving you enough room to wear down booties to bed, but not so much room as to waste your body heat. Plus we overstuff the baffles over the foot section to provide extra warmth. Our goal is simple: we want you to have warm, happy feet while you sleep.

Separate Hood

When you think about it, a separate hood really makes sense. Your sleeping bag stays in place on top of your pad; your hood stays in place on top of your head. You are not going to wake up in the middle of the night, lost somewhere in your mummy bag, wondering which way leads out.
Do you need a hood? Here is what we have found: if temperatures are going to be near the temperature rating of your bag, then you will probably need a hood. If the forecast calls for warmer weather, leave the hood at home, and just wear a warm hat to bed. Looking to save weight and get the most use out of minimal gear? Take a warm jacket with a hood, and wear that to bed if the weather is cold. You keep your head warm, and add extra warmth to your entire sleep system.

Bivy Sack in Conjunction with Sleeping Bag

Our water resistant, highly breathable bivy sacks are designed for use under a tarp or floorless shelter. These bivy sacks provide a waterproof floor, full bug protection, and a water resistant upper to protect your sleeping bag from spray and mist. Our bivy sacks are designed to integrate perfectly with our bags. Simply tie your pad to the floor of the bivy through the pad attachment points, then clip your bag on to these same cords. Your pad stays in place in the bivy; your bag stays in place on the pad. Leave your pad tied into the bivy and setup the next night is a breeze.

The System as a Whole

What does it all mean? Set up and adjustment are quick and simple. The sleeping bag stays where it is supposed to: on top of your pad. The hood stays where it is supposed to: on your head. All our components are designed to work together, but the system is also designed to make the most of gear you already have. Use your hooded jacket or a warm hat on cold nights, or the bivy or tent you already own. All in all, you are making the most out of every piece of gear, while resting comfortably no matter what position you sleep in.

The bottom line? Katabatic Gear sleep system is much more versatile than any conventional sleeping bag, and it weighs a lot less!

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